Changing In Uncertain Times

Do you need to change your business as our world is shaken by the global pandemic and the climate emergency?

Do you lack the confidence that you have the skills and experience to do this quickly and efficiently enough?

During 25 years of leading and coaching founders in highly volatile and changable market conditions, I have a developed a five stage model for business owners just like you, to pivot their business plans for when things change really fast, and really often.


Increase Your Impact, Not Your Actions

Are you not seeing the return on the effort you put into your business?

Are you convinced that that you have potential for a more Powerful, Impactful and Profitable business?

Using the best lean business techniques, we will diagnose what's working and what's not with your current activity, and deliver more customers, more profit, more impact from your valuable time and energy.


Re-align With Your Purpose

Is your business direction not quite what you want it to be?

Are you confident that your business will create the impact, legacy or value that you desire? 

Through careful and exploratory examination of your business and its activities we will shift your actions to do just that. We will ensure that you are adding value in whatever you do, creating new ways to live in our changing world. Re-orientate your business towards your intended purpose: whether fostering your community, creating and equitable society or creating new ways to live in our changing world.



As their Business Coach, I work with founders and leaders to deliver on plans for their business and their future. ​Book a free first meeting to discover whether business coaching or programmes are right for you.


 From Just Busy to Blooming In Six Weeks:  a program of exercises, analysis and coaching to take your existing business or business idea from being a frenetic jumble to a clear action plan: £397

Pressing Ahead: Accountability for your action plans, report in & celebrate successes, navigate difficulties. £50/week.

Monthly Journey: three months coaching for you and your business, with monthly sessions and weekly check-ins. This can enable you to pivot and increase your profitability or re-align with your purpose with a three month timeline: £450/month

Open Diary: creates a fully bespoke coaching program packed full of what it takes to make the change that you want to see happen. Topics might include: pivoting and validating your new business, re-stating your values and purpose and re-aligning your business activities to follow, discovering profitable customs and uncovering the growth engine of your business. 

Payment plans available.


You can also join me at the Startup School For Seniors, an 8 week course designed for anyone over 50 who wants to run a business but doesn't know where to start. The next course starts in 2021, I'll let you know in my newsletter.

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