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Creating resilience and realising success "Now I challenge myself to do better"

Advisor, Coach and Entrepreneur Educator

I'm a person centred Business Advisor, Educator and Coach, working with founder entrepreneurs, their teams and people who are managing their own career.  My services are for those who want to stretch and grow their vision to become successful and sustainable, and also for those who want to let their dream soar. 75% of my business clients obtain non-debt finance as a result of my work. If you would like that to be you, use the contact form to get in touch.

Some things about money... 

where to get it, how much you really need and why

Creating a product is one thing, but having the cash to successfully take your product to market is another.

So many (potential) customers, so little time 

Or how to understand who your customers really are

Knowing that your product will sell to people is one thing, knowing who those people are and why they will buy your product is another.  In this blog I've written how I worked with one of my clients to identify who her customers were.

Guess, Guestimate, Estimate, Cash 

Or how to talk about the future in numbers

Creating a financial forecast for the first time can be daunting. " I don't know what's going to happen next month let alone in two years time!". In this blog I show how 4 easy steps can help you create a forecast and be comfortable with it.

Seven disciplines for a successful startup 

or, I've got a product, now how do I sell it?

I have given a couple of talks recently about how to start up a successful product based business, and some kind people have asked me to document this, so here goes.

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