What my clients say about me

Mark's amazing coaching really helped me process the pandemic and is still helping me now work out how the new vision I have of my personal and professional life will carry forward post-pandemic. MyClimateChangeGardens.com is my passion. It's something I want to grow into a bigger enterprise. My coaching with Mark has enabled me to have the concrete vision of how that is possible.

I would recommend coaching with Mark to anyone because he's not only a very professional person. He's a very caring, intelligent and incredibly patient, and challenging or challenges me individually.

Deborah - MyClimateChangeGarden.com, Founder

Mark has challenged my working, he has forced me to look at the Important Non Urgent Stuff which I had put to one side. He is my cheerleader, always has my back (very encouraging when you are self-employed). He challenges me. Points out areas I have never considered before. Is honest. I prided myself on my discipline, but I realised it was to do the stuff that my clients wanted but not to grown my business. This year I have a vision of where my business is going. I am positive, optimistic and excited about where it is going.

Lisa - The Wentworth Collective Owner

When I met Mark I was lacking direction, chasing clients and dreaming without planning. Working with Mark has enabled me to be calmer, more focused and more considered in my actions. This has led to targeted networking, better clients, and ultimately more revenue in less time.

Ben - Running is a skill, Running Coach and Evangelist

I wanted to send you and update on how things have been going since we last met....
We have sold more in the last seven weeks than we have in the last seven months, we have increased our Instagram following with better content and engagement, and I'm spending less time on this as I'm more organised.
All in all, I'm really pleased with the way things are going and can definitely see and FEEL the benefits of taking a more strategic approach thanks to you.

Jen - Hustle&Heels Co-founder

I've been working with Mark since mid-2019, and the difference he's made both to my thinking, and the strategic direction of the company, have been game-changing. What I love most about Mark is that he is in touch with the latest ideas in business positioning and marketing, and is helpful in an entirely pragmatic and down-to-earth way. I know I can rely on him to challenge my assumptions and help me get to where I need to be in my thinking, in a way that is always focussed on the bottom-line outcomes. We wouldn't be where we are today without him.
Cat - The Future of Work, Founder and Keynote Speaker

I'm grateful to Mark for the thoughtful way in which he coached me through an important turning point in my career. He asked me non-judgemental but thought provoking questions which really helped me get to the root of the issue and to make some critical decisions. I would thoroughly recommend Mark's coaching to other business owners and entrepreneurs.
Thea -
Ethical Goods, Marketing and Communications Director 

I wanted to let you know that your support and understanding has been invaluable to me throughout 2019, and even though we haven’t met up since the V&A your words are always in my head pushing me forward! I saw a response to my post where you mentioned confidence. I am getting a lot more confident and it's because of the kindness and support from you.

I appreciate it more than you realise. So my hope for 2020 is that I can in some way repay your kindness and support! 

Alecia - NxtSteps, Founder

For those seeking advice and constructive feedback on decision making and planning Mark has much to offer. He is insightful and thought provoking. He will push for you to tackle problems head on and not allow you to shy away from tough decisions. For a novice like myself it was a pleasure to learn from Mark, and it was reassuring to know that he was always willing to answer my questions, whatever time of day!

Matt -  Rockit Company, co-founder 

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