Book a Business Planning Check-up

Having a fresh pair of eyes review your business with you will always provide actionable improvements. How much time we spend depends on your requirements, and can cover additional topics as time allows.


So undertake a no-holds barred review of your business planning. 

The review covers a range of topics:

Basic review (one hour - £90)

  • customer experience
  • financial modelling/cashflow
  • competitive advantage
  • competitor analysis 
  • brand review
  • incubator/accelerator applications


Intermediate review (two hour £160)

  • customer identification and segmentation
  • business model engineering
  • customer problem/your solution fit
  • product development
  • social media and marcomms
  • recruitment
  • fund raising


Forensic review (four hours £350)

  • growth strategy and opportunity mapping
  • route to market strategy
  • finding your product/market fit
  • product roadmap
  • leadership and management


All day Lean Canvas or startup Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition Canvas mapping and planning sessions also available (from £650)

My business experience includes assisting over 140 startups, creating my own businesses and working for multinationals. My businesses have included luxury products, personal services, software and some electrical products. I work with creatives as well as accountants, designers and makers, inventors and people with ideas, those with decades of experience and those with none. 


Also talk to me about:

  • Preparing for finance: Grant, Equity or Accelerator
  • New Product Development and Launch
  • Programme Development

What my clients say

"For those seeking advice and constructive feedback on decision making and planning Mark has much to offer. He is insightful and thought provoking. He will push for you to tackle problems head on and not allow you to shy away from tough decisions. For a novice like myself it was a pleasure to learn from Mark, and it was reassuring to know that he was always willing to answer my questions, whatever time of day!"

Matt Sparrow, co-founder


"I was very comfortable working with Mark.  He is patient, honest and perceptive.  With his knowledge and expertise, he was able to guide me through my business at every stage; implementing ideas, marketing, problem solving; providing questions challenging me to strive for better solutions.  Mark is able to work well with creative individuals, understanding their needs and providing support in a framework that is accessible and constructive.  As well as all this, Mark demonstrates his support for both the individual and the business by giving you his time and his energy whole-heartedly."

Nienke van Wijk


Here's some details from the Hustle & Heels MasterClass, given by Mark.

Here's Matt Marais from Loki One Camera Gear talking about understanding your customers with the Lean Canvas

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