Drive at your speed


Open Diary

We have all the time you can spare to explore where you want to be in your life, with your business, with your future.

We can imagine different options for you and make sure that you are both equipped and enabled to make the choices that are best for you. Exploration might include: re-stating your values and purpose and re-aligning your business activities to follow, pivoting and validating your new business, discovering profitable customs and uncovering the growth engine of your business. 

Create the future that you want for you, your business and your world.


Monthly Journey

With the destination in mind, we will have a full working session (60 - 90 minute) together each month to make changes to your life and business. Each week we will check-in to ensure the progress towards your goals and celebrate your progress and make adjustments where necessary. This can enable you to pivot and increase your profitability or re-align with your purpose with a three month timeline.


Pressing Ahead

Do you just need to be kept on track? Nudged towards your vision and goals? Made accountable for your actions and perhaps with a limited budget? A weekly accountability check-in to support and power your voyage ahead. 20 minute regular slots. interested? Book yours.


From Just Busy To Blooming In Six Weeks

Create business planning that works, regain control of your time and put in place a success dashboard for your business. This program with coaching builds your business back up from just 'being busy, doing stuff' to a business with a most certain future in these uncertain times. The program includes:

  • Weekly tasks to clarify and streamline your business
  • Three 1:1s with me to untie the knots that bind you and your business
  • Weekly learnings to grow and prosper
  • Finish the course with clear action plans

Build the business of your dreams that delivers for you and your customers & clients.


​Book a free first meeting to discuss which package is right for you:  

  • From Just Busy to Blooming In Six Weeks (£67/week for six weeks), 
  • Pressing Ahead (£50/week)
  • Monthly Journey (£450/month for three months) 
  • Open Diary (six weeks minimum commitment)

Payment plans available.


I work with founders from many diverse backgrounds and with different life experiences.
#BLM discount offered.

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