Unlike the first company I worked for my second company had vision. My second job was working for a US company which had Wired cover star vision, and exactly the same technologically advanced products I had created in the first job. This second company was successful and was sold for $1.5bn. I was part of that team that grew the company and I learnt that it takes more than a good product to create success. 
I learnt also how to manage operations, build a multi-national team and thrive in with fast moving environments.

Next I worked in other peoples’ startups, learning about attracting investment, creating marketing that works and selling products and services that people and businesses love. Eventually I created my own electonics company. This was going great, we had a great range of products that had begun to sell around the world, we had a team of 7 and a turnover of £1m. I was a first time CEO and I was naïve. A disaster struck with a government policy we hadn’t seen coming, then another problem with our international manufacturing and in a short space of time the business collapsed and I had personal debt. I was broken.
I wish I hadn’t been so busy building the business that I missed the impending disasters, 
I wish that I had a wise counsel to challenge me and help me grow,
I wish I had invested in my own skills and learning... 
So I became the coach that would have saved me and my own company.

I became the coach you need right now

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